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XinFin Network Launches A New Bug Bounty Program For “Apothem Network” and announces mainnet launch date.

XinFin Network Launches A New Bug Bounty Program For “Apothem Network” and announces mainnet launch date.

The bug bounty program will enable participants to earn rewards by running and testing an “Apothem Network” (XinFin TestNet) masternode and by using wallet products. XinFin Mainnet to roll out by 1 June 2019.
XinFin Network announces a new bug bounty program to set up and run TestNet called “Apothem” masternodes and to use web wallet on TestNet. The bounty program will enable participants to earn rewards by:
a. Setup and Run Masternode on Testnet called “Apothem” upto 31st May, 2019
b. running and testing a masternode for any errors, bugs, and weaknesses on XinFin TestNet.
c. using and testing web wallet and related features (like deploying smart contracts and interacting with them) for any bugs, errors, and vulnerabilities.
Read more about the bug bounty program here: .
The new bug bounty program will allow XinFin Dev Team to discover and resolve all the bugs, pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities in TestNet Apothem; before XinFin rolls out its MainNet. The bounty program will help in the SEO optimization of XinFin products and will also create awareness about XinFin TestNet, which is currently running live at
Atul Khekade, XinFin Ecosystem Development Head said, “We chose to announce the bug bounty program seeing the interest and curiosity of community members who wanted to know more about XinFin masternodes. The community wanted to set-up, run, and test XinFin TestNet nodes themselves. So, we decided to launch a new bounty program to encourage active community involvement surrounding TestNet masternodes. We believe the community will help us boost XinFin TestNet and iron out all the network’s inaccuracies before we switch to XinFin MainNet which we are planning to roll out on 1st June, 2019”

a) XinFin TestNet “Apothem” Masternode Bounty

Before discussing how to set up a XinFin masternode, let’s know what is a XinFin Masternode and the prerequisites to perform the task:

XinFin Masternode

XinFin’s token XDC supplants proof-of-work consensus algorithm with a randomized delegated proof-of-stake (rDPoS) consensus algorithm, fundamentally using the concept of “validators”. Validators are special (full) nodes which get incentivized for validating each transaction which may be accepted or rejected by the validator. Setting up masternodes on XDC protocol makes the decentralized blockchain network more trusted, more stable, and more self-sustainable. Masternodes are benefitted in the form of reputation building, enhanced reliability, increased incentive gains, and capability to deploy their own dApp/use case on the network.

Things Needed To Set Up A Masternode

· A minimum of 10, 000,000 XDC stake by masternode holder
· Wallet (preferably hardware) to store XDC tokens
· Dedicated and stable hardware
· Dedicated static public IP address
· 100% IDC Network uptime
· A minimum of Tier 3 IDC Network
· Virtual Private Server (VPS)
· Cloud services

How To Set Up A XinFin-XDC Masternode?

Below mentioned are the steps to set up a XinFin-XDC Masternode on different Operating Systems:

a) Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit or higher

  1. Users are required to visit click on ‘Clone or Download’ to download code. Or, they can clone the repository by using git clone command.
  2. A ‘XinFin Node’ folder will be downloaded. Enter XinFin-Node directory by using cd XinFin-Node command.
  3. Install docker & docker-compose using sudo ./ command.
  4. Now, users are required to update .env file with details.
a. Firstly, they need to create .env file by using the sample .env.example file.
b. Users can either enter their company/product name under INSTANCE_NAME and email address in CONTACT_DETAILS fields, respectively.
c. Using cp env.example .env command users can copy updated details in the main folder with which their masternode name will be displayed.
d. nano .env will reconfirm users details by displaying them once again to users.
  1. Users can start their masternode by running this command sudo docker-compose -f docker-services.yml up -d
  2. Users should be able to see their nodes listed on
  3. Users can stop their node if they encounter any issues by using the command sudo docker-compose -f docker-services.yml down

Users need to use the below-given commands if they make any change to the code:

sudo docker-compose -f docker-services.yml down
sudo ./
sudo docker-compose -f docker-services.yml up -d

b) Windows 64-bit

  1. Users are required to visit click on ‘Clone or Download’ to download code. Or, they can clone the repository by using git clone command.
  2. A ‘XinFin-Node’ folder will be downloaded.
  3. Enter win64 directory by using the cd XinFin-Node/win64/one-click-installer command.
  4. Now, users can run their masternode by using setup.exe command. This will install the XDC binary in C:\Program Files (x86)\XinFin with all the options including start menu, desktop icons, and uninstaller.
  5. Users can right-click on the XinFin-XDC Masternode icon on the desktop and click on “Run as administrator” to launch their masternode.

c) MAC (using Vagrant Environments)

  1. Firstly, users need to download and install below-mentioned three software.
a. Oracle VirtualBox
b. Vagrant
c. GIT
\Users are advised to restart their systems post installation.*
  1. Now, launch “command prompt” and follow the below-given commands:
a. Clone the repository by using git clone command. (or, users can alternatively visit and click on ‘Clone or Download’ to download code.
b. Using the cd XinFin-Node command, users will get path access to the XinFin-Node.
c. vagrant up and vagrant ssh commands will up and run the masternodes for users on Vagrant software.
  1. XinFin-Node is automatically copied to /home/vagrant/ by following steps in point 1. and point 2.
  2. Users can shut down the vagrant instant by running vagrant suspend and delete it by running vagrant destroy.

b) XinFin Web Wallet Bounty

Before discussing how to create a XinFin Web Wallet, let’s know what is a XinFin Web Wallet.

XinFin Web Wallet

With a free, client-side interface, XinFin Web Wallet helps users interact seamlessly with the XinFin blockchain. XinFin’s easy-to-use and open-source platform enable users to generate wallets effortlessly using Mnemonic Phrase, Keystore File, or Private Key. Users can deploy and interact with smart contracts and can also do so much more with XinFin Web Wallet.

How to create a XinFin Web Wallet?

Users can create XinFin Web Wallet using Mnemonic Phrase and Keystore File.
  1. Visit XinFin Web Wallet here
  2. Click on ‘Create a New Wallet’ button.
  3. The window will have two options. Get a new wallet either ‘By Mnemonic Phrase’ or ‘By Keystore File’.

a) Using Mnemonic Phrase

a. Type-in a strong password and click ‘Next’.
b. Write down the Mnemonic Phrase key.
c. Now click on ‘I wrote down my Mnemonic Phrase’.
d. Users are required to fill out empty places to verify their Mnemonic Phrase key and click ‘Verify’.
e.Users will get a pop-up saying that they have created their wallet successfully. Click ‘Unlock Wallet’.
f. Users can access their wallet by clicking on ‘Software’ button.
g. Click ‘Mnemonic Phrase’ on access by software window. Click ‘Continue’.
h. Now, type-in Mnemonic phrase and click ‘Continue’.
i. Type-in password, pick any address to interact with. Tick the ‘Accept Terms’ button and click ‘Access My Wallet’.
j. XinFin Web Wallet is created. Users can now add Test XDC to their Web Wallet or send tokens to other wallets. They can also deploy smart contracts and interact with them.

b) Using Keystore File

a. Type-in a strong password and click ‘Next’.
b. Click ‘Download Keystore File’.
c. A pop-up will appear asking users to save the Keystore File starting with ‘UTC’.
d. Click ‘Access My Wallet’.
e. Users can access their wallet by clicking on ‘Software’ button.
f. Click ‘Keystore File’ on access by software window. Click ‘Continue’. Upload the downloaded Keystore File.
g. Type-in password and click ‘Continue’.
h. XinFin Web Wallet is created. Users can now add Test XDC to their Web Wallet or send tokens to other wallets. They can also deploy smart contracts and interact with them.

c) Using Private Key

Users can also access XinFin Web Wallet using the private key.
a. After logging in using either of the two options, users are required to click the ‘Print’ button just below the XinFin wallet address.
b. A pop-up will appear mentioning wallet address and private key.
c. Either ‘Print’ or ‘Copy’ private key. In this case, copy the private key.
d. Log out of the current wallet.
e. Click ‘Software’ to access the wallet.
f. Click ‘Private Key’ and ‘Continue’.
g. Copy-paste the private key and click ‘Access Wallet’.
h. Users will be able to use their wallet now.

About XinFin

XinFin is an open source enterprise-ready Hybrid Blockchain for Global Trade and Finance. It combines the power of Public and Private Blockchains with interoperable smart contracts. XinFin is fully EVM compatible. For more information on XinFin, please visit or learn more about XinFin in this video

Follow XinFin on:

Twitter: ( @ ) XinFin_Official
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